Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I was one of 40 participants at a Locality Headteachers' INSET course today. The aim was to train headteachers to deliver training. Once we got started, 2 hours late, it was most interesting and enlightening for me. I'm getting a much clearer picture of my future at work here.
We were joined very briefly by a grubby but inquisitive pig at one point.  Later on a small dog came in and lay on the floor. I learned from my neighbour that he belonged to a participant who is blind. The dog didn't arrive or leave with her!
Lunch was Jojo (peanut soup) with Banku (fermented maize and cassava dough ball thing!) and a piece of smoked fish, all eaten with your hands. I'm struggling to get used to the heavy balls of stuff. There are 4 types now- Banku, Kenke, TZ and Fufu. The fish is lovely and the soup is good but spicy.

I go back for Day 2 tomorrow. It will be a little more practical and I can help with the facilitation, apparently. Great stuff. I can feel useful and have a free lunch!!

Here are a couple of photos from inside the house. Despite the intense heat and sunshine it is quite dark.


  1. It is great to find an evening to catch up on your news and now you have photos as well, the whole commentary has come to life.
    We have seen our first real sunshine here for a while and it is quite warm today, but nothing like you are experiencing!
    Keep up the good work, both in the district and with your blog!
    Love Marcia

  2. Hi Debbie,Great to catch up on your blog. Super photos (would expect no less)really giving us a feel for the environment.Also insight into your house. Now I can picture you insitu.Good also to hear that the work is beginning to move - it was bound to take time when you think about it.Food sounds great too - just my sort of stuff!
    Look forward to hearing how Day 2 Inset goes.
    Love Kate

  3. Hi Debbie
    You seem to be having a experience of a life time. All mon cons then for you!
    Keep the blog up it is great to see your picrures and hear all your news.