Saturday, 12 March 2011

Busy Day at the Bank

I am now the proud owner of a Ghanaian Bank Account! It took 2 and a half hours! However, the air con was welcome. The Bank Manager deals with 2 customers at once which is rather disconcerting. The guy sitting next to me was taking far too much interest in my case. I kept expecting him to join in the conversation and check the photocopy of my passport. After a while a bank teller arrived with a stash of cash in a brown envelope for him and he said something to me I didn't understand & got up. At that point Tony, the Bank Manager, produced a tennis racquet from under his desk and handed it to him. He left. Tony, then addressed me as "Auntie Debra" for the remainder of the proceedings. I can only assume he couldn't pronounce Adrienne.

On the way back to the tro station I bought anything green we could eat in the market . I also found potatoes. I got 6 for £1.50 which we have plans for tomorrow. My bag was filled with tins inc Heinz beans, Heinz vegetable salad and Laughing Cow (the only cheese we can get) in the shop next door. I munched on groundnut balls and tiny green bananas on the way home.

Today we washed the sitting room floor. Fairly normal you may think. However, as it is concrete, this involves standing at one end and throwing buckets of water down the room. It all sloshes out of the doorway at the other end. Simples!!  No dust!

I have to go as Patricia has baked a cake! It smells so wonderful, I'm inhaling my slice while they eat theirs, then when I eat mine I have had twice the enjoyment. What joy we find in simple pleasures.
Bon Appetit or something else in Dagaare!!


  1. Debbie,

    Fabulous photos. What an amazing experience. Your blog is wonderful to read and so funny. Makes our HT meetings seem so mundane. Keep it up I look forward to reading your daily exploits.


  2. Debbie, you were born to blog. You should also become a food critic. Lot's of love. Martin XXX