Monday, 14 March 2011

Post Office exploits

This morning I borrowed a bicycle and peddled some way out of the village to the Post Office. The door was open, radio on, I suspect a till full of cash behind the counter and no sign of anyone!! I called, walked around the building and searched as far as I could see in either direction along the road. There was a phone number on the open door so I rang that. A man answered and said he'd be there in a minute. Sure enough a minute later he emerged from behind the hedge!
Our subscription for the PO Box was well overdue and cost 60Ghana Cedis (£30 to you). I'm hoping for lots of post to make it worthwhile!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have had a few non-paying guests in the house recently. One or two mice have died, probably from shock. I found a gecko and his rather sick lizard friend in my room today. The lizard is now recovering outside somewhere and the gecko is always welcome. He will keep the ant population under control.

Life at the office was quiet as usual. Some staff went to the funeral of a local teacher and apparently one of the headteachers died suddenly yesterday in hospital. Death is not a rare occurrence here. I'm looking forward to my first invitation to a funeral as, I am told, they are good celebrations and entertaining.


  1. We will make sure your Post office subscription is worthwhile but we need to know your address first! It all sounds quite amazing but I'm a bit worried about you looking forward to your first funeral. As for keeping quiet on the advice front until Day 7 I am sure you know what all your followers are thinking! Miss you lots.

  2. Hi Debs. I have just caught up with your March Blog. So good to read. It's wonderful to have the pics too. Your accommodation looks simple but adequate. Glad to see the all important Mossi net hanging there. 
    Take care, 
    Love Sue & Deryk 

  3. Love reading your news. Like Eileen says we would love to keep you busy at the post office -so email us your address and any desires - we will be happy to oblige!