Monday, 28 March 2011

All the President's Men

The President of Ghana, John Atta Mills, visited Nadowli today to open a residential wing of a Catholic School 5 kms outside the village. There was great excitement at the District Office and 36 people attended Morning Devotion looking their best - twice as many as usual! The President is making a tour of the Upper West, the poorest region in Ghana. My enquiries of colleagues this morning were met with expressions of great respect towards the President and they were going to try and catch sight of him.

The 12 SUV cavalcade swept along the 46 km road from Wa, whilst large crowds waited on the crossroads by the market. I was there for a while but the midday heat was unbearable and I came home to recover. Apparently, they arrived somewhat late into the afternoon, unsurprisingly. I shall learn tomorrow whether he got out from behind the smoked glass windows and greeted his people. I hope so. There were plenty of sirens around the vicinity most of the day. This will have been a big day in the lives of Nadowli's citizens.

We are experiencing some wild winds lately, which are often followed by heavy downpours of rain. I wonder how long we will wait for the rainy season and will it be easier to manage? Cooler, but wet, humid and more mosquitoes.

At our regional meeting in Wa on Saturday, to which all 17 current volunteers attended, we learned that 3 who came out with me have already gone home! These include the couple of headteachers from Eastbourne. They have had dreadful health problems including malaria and typhoid. It is surprising how often people get malaria here whether you take the medication or not! Hospitals seem to manage the diagnosis and treatment very well and it is not considered alarming at all, fairly normal and routine, in fact. It is unfortunate when folks have complications to make situations more serious. So far so good, as far as my health is concerned. I don't worry about it, I just take care and rely on my Guardian Angel who is doing a wonderful job, bless her.

We are entertaining a Dutch friend for dinner, who walked from Wa today in 8 hours. A little longer than the President who swept past her on the road. It was a challenge I shall not attempt. Apparently, it was worth it despite the blisters, sunburn and aches. She is catching the tro home tomorrow!

I limit my challenges to a half day at work, a cycle to the Post Office or market and a walk some evenings as the temperature begins to drop slightly.......very slightly. Living and moving around is challenge enough!!


  1. Lovely to catch up with your news and to see that you really are there! A friend of Stephen's has just come back from a month working in a hospital in Ghana and she has come back very brown and full of exciting stories, so I hope you are also working on the tan! All of the animals look very healthy and happy, is that just on a diet of scraps?
    Keep posting
    Marcia x

  2. Jeny was here with me (29th) and we were trying to decide how to post a comment!!
    Still really enjoying your blog. Has your new dress been made yet?
    We were sorry to hear that some of your colleagues had been shipped back to UK. Just keep boiling the water!!!
    Life may be a little more hectic(!)for you when you get your motor bike.
    Lots of love