Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A load of yams

Great excitement at the office this morning. A truck full of yams drove down the drive and was emptied out in front of the entrance. I learned this is an opportunity for office staff to buy cheap yams and the profit goes into a Welfare fund for bereaved families of teachers. This seems to be happening often here.

The mountain of yams was huge and the staff spent the whole morning haggling over prices and distributing them. Each time I looked up from my laptop another typist was walking past with an armful of heavy yams. They weigh a ton too. Voices were raised with excitement and urgency as the yams moved up and down the corridor. I never actually saw any money change hands. I have never witnessed so much activity and dedication to a task. It's a shame that excitement is not evident when education matters are pressing. By 11.30 everyone was disappearing off up the road with yams strapped to the back of their motorbikes and scooters. Obviously, this was an excuse for an afternoon off to peel the yams and start pounding them into Fufu. What fun!!

Georgitta with her haul and a very shy man!

The President did not generate that much enthusiasm yesterday. People were glad to have seen him but there were issues about his very late arrival and the teachers not waiting at school to see him! Our Director was not amused!


  1. Did you take the picture on your yam cam?
    By the way, is there anybody left in Ghana at the moment? they all seem to be over here for the England/Ghana game at Wembley last night. The score was 1-1 with Ghana equalising in the last seconds of the game. The good folk of Ghana certainly know how to celebrate.

  2. Matt must be psycic - he always said there'd be yams, yams and more yams!!