Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Motorcycle Diaries

My helmet and very warm jacket had their first outing yesterday, when I got a lift to Wa on Laura's bike. It will still be a few weeks, probably Easter, before I'm called to Bolgatanga for my final week's training. With any luck a bike of my own will follow. 44km pillion felt a much shorter distance along one wide road, but I'm assured it gets longer with practice. However, we managed to transport some rare goodies on the back coming home, including Olive Oil, Honey and Brown Bread.

A crate of chicks accompanied us on the tro this morning. I don't know how many as they were behind my head. I don't think they were enjoying the journey as much as I was. I'm told it's quite normal to have all sorts of animals on the tro. Goats etc strapped to the roof. I have yet to experience that. The woman beside me was going to market to sell wigs. It appears most professional women shave their hair almost completely and then attach a short straight hair wig. The wigs are all very similar and don't move all day! It seems such a shame as they look strange and very fake.

This is the house across from ours. The children are lovely they were picking Acaia Apples from the tree between our homes. These are small fruits that are white and oily in a red peel.

I must go we are having papaya tonight. The fruits are gradually ripening and give us a greater variety to enjoy.

Bliss under the kitchen window!!!

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