Friday, 18 March 2011

More Life!

By popular request here is photo of me outside my house. Yes, I am really here. I'm not sitting in nice hotel  making this up. My address, for all the people who are desperate to send me parcels etc is:
PO Box 18, Nadowli, UWR,, Ghana...........thanks, anyway!

I have been eating the Acaia Apples from the tree in the picture. They are like sweet chestnuts, similar size, but more oily and you eat them raw when you have removed the red peel.

The market is beginning to sell small ripe mangoes but the large ones have a while to go before harvest. I have been amazed by the things that women carry on their heads. This morning I passed a beatufully dressed woman with a fully packed suitcase balanced on her head. last week someone else had 2 heavy bags of shopping in each hand and her purse on her head. The women start very young to develop this skill. Young teenagers will carry large heavy, aluminium bowls which are used here to sell and transport everything. They must weigh a ton but you never see a drop of anything spilt. I'm thinking of asking someone to teach me the basic skills and I could practise.

In recognition of St Patrick's Day, we are throwing a party tomorrow. The guests travel long distances and probably need to stay all night due to the erratic transport system here.

I'm adding another photo taken under the tree above. There is a large hole in the base of it and the ducks lay eggs inside the tree. There was a bit of a queue yesterday! The area is overrun with chicks, kids, goats, pigs, piglets etc. I'm told this is not just a productive time of year, it is the same year round.


  1. Hi Debbie what would you like in your parcel?
    Great to see a picture of you, you are looking well.
    We have had sunshine today which has made all the difference. Steve and I walked into lindfield and back, it was lovely.
    We have friends round tonight for a curry and of course a few glasses of wine.
    Look forward to reading more from your blog
    Take care
    Seeing Max tomorrow, if weather is good will go to Wakehurst.

  2. Dear Deb,

    Belated Happy Half Birthday! We are all loving your blog so much - as Uncle Martin said, you are truly born to blog! The photos are amazing and the first one of you today made us all a bit wobbly - we miss you so much! All's well chez nous - Beth got her first first last week! Lots of news which I'll put in an email. All our love, Ali et al. PS Give the pigs a tickle from us! xxxxxxxx

  3. Are you sure you are not staying in a hotel, it looks suspiciously like one to me. And is that a swimming pool in the background, with a pig in it? And why are you wearing my trousers, they are clearly too short for you. MartinXXX