Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Visiting Nadowli Schools

I've been trying to upload some photos but so far have failed. I think the files are too large and need reducing before uploading, I think.  I shall seek advice (any offers?) and try again.

I had a fascinating morning visiting the main schools in Nadowli thanks to Laura who took me around. There were 2 KG (Kindergarten), 1 Primary and 1 JHS (Junior High Sch). They are all in low buildings where the classrooms are in a row, sometimes 2 rows facing each other. The office is at one end.  There were no boundaries between the schools so it seemed as though they were all on one site. The schools varied but most classes had a teacher. Some were doing mock exams and had a range of ages of students in them. All wore uniform, yellow shirts and brown pinafores and trousers. The children stood up in the JHS and I was introduced to them. They welcomed me with an applause. In some classes the children had a short rhyme of welcome. Class sizes ranged between 25 to about 50.
At the moment many of the children are practising for the Independence Day March which is a competition for some. Every morning for a number of hours we can hear the drumming to keep them in time.

I met the headteacher in 3 of the schools. Each seemed pleased that I would be working with them to improve the education management in their school. They appear to have many problems, one being keeping teachers and ensuring they turn up every morning. Their conditions are poor and they are not respected. I have a lot to do!

I am hoping to attend a locality heads' meeting on Thursday. I'm expecting that to be different to the last one I experienced. However, the lack of funds I am sure will feature in both!

On my return home, the pigs were lying beside the cooler side of the house in a muddy patch. It is particularly hot today.

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  1. Dear Debs,
    We are thoroughly enjoying your blogs. Although we are also in Afica,we have a very different experience. The common theme though is the smiley people!
    We love all the detail of the pigs,goats,markets and porridge! Keep it coming!
    You sound as if you will have lots of work to do but will rise to the challenge!
    Lots of love
    Hugh &Gill