Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day 2

Day 2 of the Heads' INSET was a little more active and I was asked to contribute too. I was told in all the training that you watch, listen, learn, shake hands and smile a lot for the first few weeks if not months. However, on Day 7 I find myself telling people how to do their jobs!! ie. How to observe a lesson and make informed judgments. I just couldn't keep my lips zipped. We will see whether anyone asks for my advice now or whether I've scared them to death.

Some brave people got up and did demonstration lessons for their peers to pull apart. I was amazed how they could improvise without resources. The biggest problem appears that most schools don't have a full compliment of teachers and have 2 huge classes in one room.

The participants were paid cash in hand to attend this course as it was sponsored by MTN (mobile phone network). Lunch was good again - Jollof rice (mixed and a bit spicy) with a piece of chicken. All of the huge bowl of leftovers was carried home by participants and facilitators for supper.....also sponsored by \MTN.  The issue of funding for anything or anybody is massive here and overrides everything. Cardboard sheets for demo lessons were bought especially in Wa and were counted along with the pens....and counted back in too. Some very small babies strapped to their mothers' backs attended both days and didn't so much as murmur.

It was a very enlightening 2 days for me. However, my overriding memory will be of constant mobile phone ringing and folks going out to answer them, including the facilitators!! I shall be offering my feedback tomorrow.

Sorry, forgot to take my camera with me! Pretty poor, I know.

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