Monday, 21 February 2011

Yewayahe in Nadowli

Welcome, Yewayahe! What a relief to get here and what a journey. The coach left Accra only 30 mins late. Between 7 of us we had 451 kilos of luggage. I'm glad that any journey from now will involve no more than 1 bag!
Everything was fine until the village of Asuboa where the engine overheated. We spent 7 hours beside the road waiting for a replacement coach. The village was very interesting and we met plenty of locals. We were greeted as "Obruni (white people) how are you?" by the children, one wearing a Bangor Eisteadford 1995 T shirt! Their coconuts were delicious ( funny how a large group of teenage boys with machetees can be so welcoming when they have coconuts!) and we managed to live off banana rolls and ground nuts washed down with coke and fanta until the "Spot" (bar with little blue & white fence around - they all have this) ran out. Eventually the coach arrived in the dark. The busy road full of trucks and buses thundering past and throwing up red dust everywhere seemed quite dangerous while we repacked the new coach and set off. This one had a windscreen that was so cracked it was all held together with clingfilm. Fortunately we are in the dry season!
This was now an overnight journey and we pulled into Wa at 7am. After a freshen up and breakfast at a local guesthouse I was brought to Nadowli by taxi.
Patricia met me and I have now eaten bean stew and rice and had my first night's sleep under my mosquito net. The noises were amazing and varied. A snorting pig woke me up with his goat friends. I am now sitting listening to the life of the village outside the screen. Some lovely music and women going about their work. When Patricia returns from the office soon we will take a walk to the market for food.
No doubt there will be plenty more news, especially when I make it to the office 2 mins walk down the track!


  1. Hi Debbie
    I am really enjoying hearing all your daily events, life must be sooo different. No pizza express for you then!
    We are all good here and looking forward to warmer weather but imagine you may like a bit of our winter with you.
    Kepp the blog going xx

  2. It is so lovely to hear how your adventure is going so far, and it certainly sounds like an adventure already! I'm glad the football is followed there, you will be able to keep up with results! Keep well and keep us up to date with your blog, I'm hooked already.