Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Market Day

On a borrowed bicycle I followed Patricia to the office this morning to meet the staff. I can't be doing too much too soon!! They were all extremely welcoming and greeted me warmly and all said they were very busy. I remember "busy" differently, but then I never worked in this heat. I shall struggle to recall all their names even though so many Ghanaians have beautiful names, Patience, Comfort etc. I can feel a list coming on!

Our bikes took us along another red sandy track to the village centre. Here the market  was doing a swift trade. We bought Pawpaw, some deep fried bean paste that looked like doughnuts and comes on a variety of flavours and then we ventured into the meat section. A pig, cow, sheep and lamb had been slaughtered and each lay on a table under a corrugated awning. You tell the sellers how much you want to spend and they hack off an appropriate sized piece. That is as far as the butchering goes! You could get fillet or anything else that comes to hand. The heads are there too with a discrete pile of other stuff! So we are marinading pieces of pork for supper.

I investigated some mats for my bedroom floor and will compare prices with the market in Wa tomorrow. It appears you could spend the week working from market to market. Not a bad idea. Markets are every 6 days in each village and town. I need coathangers tomorrow and keep remembering the sacks of them that went to the dump at home only 3 weeks ago! I really need to get my cameras out now. I haven't so far as I don't want to appear a tourist and there will be hundreds more opportunities. Once the villagers know me better I can take some careful studies rather that stolen shots.

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  1. Hi Debbie, what fascinating reading, I am enjoying it so much. It is obviously a great experience and I do envy you - especially the animals that appear to share you accommodation.Look forward to hearing the next instalment of 'Adrienne goes to Africa' - could be a book there. Take care.
    Love and best wishes, John