Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Well, a group of about 20 of us made it to Accra. We are staying in a good hotel for the rest of the week being inducted. It's hard work but interesting with few breaks and numerous forms to complete. Some of the food is an introduction to the future in the NW. I have experienced grey millet dumplings and Hausa Koco which comes in a variety of forms, some sweet, quite pleasant, like semolina and another grey sludge that is indescribable. There is a fair bit of hot spice in the cooking here which makes something of ingredients with little taste.

I have been learning the basics of Dagaare today. Greetings etc in a language that is only spoken in a small local area of NW Ghana. I shall be quite fluent after 2 years and won't be able to use it anywhere else on the planet!

We had a torrential storm tonight with some impressive lightning. I got soaked running from the pool side restaurant to my room. Gallons poured off the umbrellas above us.

Yesterday, we were trated to a bus tour around Accra to get our bearings. The sights were amazing with huge loads of all sorts being carried on people's heads around the streets and markets. One woman was crossing a busy road with what I calculated to be about 21 dozen eggs balanced on her head! A heavy old Singer sewing machine appeared around the next corner supported confidently by a young man.
Outside Barclays Bank under an elaborate awning an efficient orderly Blood Doning session was under way. I didn't notice any tea and biscuits!
The coast and fishing areas were busy and we saw a coffin builders workshop with caskets shaped as beer bottles, aeroplanes and fish! They were quite beautiful and extremely well constructed.
Areas were slaves were collected before deportation were pointed out to us from the bus. There was a real mix of cultures along the streets from very western dress and commercialism to traditional Ghanaian clothes, street food and life generally.
I continue to be excited!!

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  1. So glad you have arrived safely. You must be as high as a kite on new experiences and info. Life has just changed hugely for you and this just the beginning. Love Carol