Friday, 25 February 2011

Global Warming !

It rained last night weirdly as we are nowhere near the wet season. It made for a mildly refreshing early morning that didn't last. Laura and I are now shouting across the room to each other as another downpour is thundering on the tin roof! It smells amazing. We haven't moved today because of the heat so tomorrow I shall be up at the cock crow to get some washing done.
I have been listening to the band rehearsing for next week's 54th Independence Day Celebrations. The school children are practising for the parade and marching. It should be good next Sunday with Monday off in lieu.

I am gathering information about the organisation and management of the education system in the district from my house mates to give me an idea of what to expect when I meet the staff in the office and schools. They have done a lot of the spadework in identifying what needs to be done. I am lucky as this will save me weeks or months of research and planning. I am ready to start learning and exploring all that now. I could spend weeks getting used to the heat and acclimatising but its time to get stuck a slow Ghanaian pace though!

The view from the kitchen window is a treat each morning as the animals pop by for a drink and the children set off across tracks in the parched grassland to school in their yellow and brown uniforms. Women are also up and about mostly carrying loads of long branches on their heads. A lot of charcoal is produced around here.

Mashed yam for supper with a vegetable and tomato sauce. Yams are very similar to potatoes but enormous and can be eaten in all the same guises. Can't wait to try a bit of chip frying and wonder if malt vinegar can be found!


  1. Wow Debbie, it all sounds amazing. I love the mix of personal and locality news. I can picture the animals, the fabrics and the food. Looking forward to a few pictures when the time is right. Keep writing!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    It all sounds so exciting. I am really loving reading your blogs.
    Do keep them going. animals, local scenes, food, bright colours. All great for us 'back home'
    Love Kate

  3. Enjoy your weekend Debs. Good luck for Monday. When you find out how to make yam chips- pass on the top tips- yams are cheaper in Costa Rica than potatoes!! Do they have plantain there??? Try it fried- yummy.
    Love Sue & Deryk