Friday, 18 February 2011

Dongle day

I was handed 566 Ghanaian Cedis in a brown envelope this morning and it has to last me 6 weeks. There are 2 to the £. Finding a dongle was interesting and challenging. The large bright clean MTN shop with sweep round tiled entrance and balloons outside didn't have any dongles. However, a man in a kiosk directly across the road had loads.........but just a little more expensive! A bit of clever marketing by somebody.

I met my new house-mate at the office in Accra and am looking forward to getting up there to Nadowli now. Long journey tomorrow with 3 bags to check onto the bus. Apparently they show very load Nigerian films on the monitors all the way. Can't wait!!

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  1. Hello Dear, So glad to hear that things are going according to plan. Hope the coach journey to Wa has not been too uncomfortable. Esme has taught us how to text so we can now keep in touch. All our love, Mum and Dad