Thursday, 24 February 2011

Another Market Day

Today's visit to Wa market was a whole different experience to yesterday's and took all day. The trou trou was packed before we got on. One seat wasn't too secure so the driver's mate took it out and put it on the roof. I did wonder whether anyone would be expected to sit on it there! 18 of us crammed inside not including the driver  plus a baby who took one look at us and burst into tears for the rest of the 40 minute journey.
The market was packed with most things being carried in large metal bowls on women's and young girls' heads. Interesting looking liquids and pastes in small plastic bags tied up tightly in small balls. Fantastic colours all around in the food being sold to the dresses & headdresses of the Ghanaian women selling. Huge tomatoes, peppers, avocadoes, pineapples and unfamiliar vegetables were very inexpensive but 4 small carrots cost the equivalent of £1 and 5 potatoes £1.50. The seamstresses were busy with teams of women operating old singer hand wound machines. I look forward to choosing some fabric and having clothes made for me.
For refreshment I had ice cream in a sachet and numerous 500ml bags of cool drinking water - a great idea except the empty plastic contributes to at least half the litter around the locality.

Goats & sheep wandered everywhere seemingly unaware that others were being sold by the chunk nearby for tonight's evening meal in more affluent homes. Pots and pans were piled up on stalls and very cheap plastic and tin kitchenware. Most things can be found but it is surprising how little we can manage on. A fully stocked Tesco's is a million miles away from here.

The journey home took longer as each shopper's purchases had to be retrieved from the bus roof. Mine included a roll of 2 bright blue mats for my bedroom floor. A useful and very interesting experience and one I shall repeat with my camera when I don't need to buy anything.

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  1. You sound as if you are having the time of your life, it's a shame really that you are going to have to start work soon! I think today has been the first day when you have not mentioned bean paste and it's many forms and uses, I am glad there is going to be some variety to your diet!
    Marcia x