Saturday, 23 April 2011

Taking a Break

We are having the most tremendous storm at the moment and I can't believe I still have electricity. The rainy season must be on its way. I am off to Mole (pronounced Mo-lay) National Wildlife Park on Monday for a few days and hopefully will see elephants. Unfortunately the bus journey there involves repeating half of the long road to Bolga! I shall see whether it gets better with practice.

With the rainy season on the way, my neighbours are making preparations. This morning they were building the pen for their animals. Once the crops begin to grow the goats, pigs, sheep et al cannot roam about the neighbourhood helping themselves to ripe shoots and rich pickings. Apparently, they are all penned in. That must come as a huge shock to them after so much freedom!

This is a view from my bedroom window showing how parched everywhere is. I am assured that in a couple of months this area and all around will be shoulder high with new green growth of various types.

Just one more picture that I took on the main road on my way to the market this morning. In all villages there are many shops and homes painted bright yellow with an MTN logo or scarlet with vodaphone emblazoned across them. These phone companies will paint your property free. The paint protects the walls for longer but you need to endure the vivid colours and inappropriate logos. It is far too tempting for many but quite an eyesore, as I'm sure you agree!

I shall be back in a week woth some wildlife pictures if I'm lucky! Happy Easter to you all. Enjoy the weather!

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