Sunday, 17 April 2011

Getting to Grips

Yes, that's me under all that protective clothing. I can't begin to tell you how hot it was but I drank about 8 litres of water each day. My adrenaline was keeping me warm too as I gripped the handlebars like a vice. The challenge, I realised was staying on the bike whilst driving on sand and grit. It was scary and I didn't get out of 2nd gear until Day 2!

Bas, Jeannine (Dutch friends) and I had 2 days on this football pitch, going round and round, figures of 8, slaloms round rocks, slow turns, gear changes etc. The trainer, Abass, sat under a canopy and watched from the shade with a cool drink. Actually, "trainer" is probably not the most accurate title as he hardly spoke until we asked "Are we doing this right?" To which he nodded. During a break I bought a knitted rope doormat from this man who is blind and made them himself. His grandson took him around and he carried the mats on his head, of course.

Day 3 was a little more exciting as we were let out on the open road! This was even more of a challenge as they had forgotten to clear the highways of other road users. Miraculously, we returned after a couple of hours, exhilarated, exhausted, a little more skilled and intact.

Our first adventure took us to this reservoir which we circumnavigated. Every time we stopped for a break, we had to strip off all the protective clothing or we would have expired. The trainers, needless to say only had helmets and possibly only wore those to set a good example to us.

Day 4 was something different again!


  1. You look very stylish in your outfit - I suppose being on the bike generates some air.!

  2. Evil Knievel eat your heart out!!!! After your journey to the training area you must have had a few areas which were battered & bruised!!!! It sounded horrendous. I remember my first nerve wracking journey on our scooter-25 kms on a road from Bergen to Celle. I did need to get out of 2 nd gear, but then I did have the luxury of Tarmac. I was told to watch out for grit & gravel on the roads- that's not going to be much help to you is it???? Take care my dear,
    Love Sue & Deryk

  3. well done Debbie, My memory of riding a motorbike was 'oh no, im going to hit the wall' as i was practising or trying to at least around the then what was the Safeway car park in South Norwood, I never rode the bike again,it was sold shortly after.. You look well protected but sounds like you need to be, Take care, love Debbie C xx

  4. Just catching up with your news after being away for a week sailing down the Rhine on a river boat. Thought of you often as we visited the Black Forest and such delights as Strasbourg and Cologne. I moaned about the bus journeys at the time, but now feel guilty having read about your epic ride on the bus!
    You sound as if you are mastering the bike, remember who is in charge!
    Love Marcia

  5. You look amazing in the leathers! Pity it's so hot! All a bit scarey too, but knowing you TTraces will be next!bloggs are great and photos really transport me. Keep blogging.