Saturday, 30 April 2011

On Safari

The 2 hour walking safari in the early morning was wonderful and unforgettable. We decided we would try a jeep safari at the end of the day in the hope of covering a wider area and seeing more animals. In fact, although we saw a variety of animals, we did not see them as clearly and even the guide was a little frustrated. However, these are one of the beautiful antelope type species we found.
These kobs were everywhere and often in family groups. After two and a half hours of cruising the dirt roads we returned to the hotel. In an attempt to keep cool we had had the side sliding door open all the way. It was only as I stood in the shower later that I realised how much dust I had collected!
Back at the hotel, there were problems with the baboons helping themselves to people's food and emptying bins to feed their hungry families. The staff were shooing them away.
There were many gorgeous birds which were hard to photograph. However, I have always loved kingfishers and have now seen an African one!
The last day was a time for relaxation and observing the wildlife from the hotel escarpment. A truly fantastic view. There was always something appearing for a drink or a swim.

Some of the animals were confident enough to wander around the hotel grounds. The Warthogs were most amusing. They shuffled along on their knees hoovering the ground for food.
I am sure I shall return to Mole whilst I am here. The staff were very friendly as are most Ghanaians. The park covers a huge area of North Ghana and they have plenty more wildlife for me to find on another occasion.
We left early on Thursday and spent some time in Larabunga with those same young "tour guides" as we awaited the bus back to Wa. Actually, they were very helpful on this occasion and I hope the new road will open up possibilities for them to experience more fulfillment in their careers. The village was a hive of activity at 6.30am. Men drinking tea while the women fetched water, chopped wood and tried to sell yams through the bus window. A typical Ghanaian morning!


  1. So glad you had a good time in Mole - your pictures brought back wonderful memories for me, especially the warthog - Matt's favourite!
    Love Lynn

  2. Amazing tales and wonderful pictures! You are really making the most of every opportunity. We had a bit of a do here on Friday but I'm sure you've seen the photos on the internet!
    With love
    Marcia x