Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dancing in the Aisles

I'm back safely from Mole Park with photos I'm proud of. Before I begin holiday tales, I must mention the Easter Sunday mass I attended in the village. I was told it began at 10am, so taking account of "Ghana Time" I strolled along to the church at 9.45am, expecting to be one of the first there. The place was packed!
I was the only white face amongst about 350 Ghanaians, all squeezed around the doorways and leaning in windows. Everybody was aware that the "Nansala" had come to church. Suddenly, Georgitta (of heavy yam carrying fame) appeared and dragged me down the aisle to a plastic chair that she had stuck on the end of a pew. Now I was not only the token white person, but the only one sitting in the middle of the aisle! Well, what an experience! The service lasted 2.5hrs, was almost all in Dagaare (I think the odd English word was for my benefit) Georgitta was instrumental in getting the dancing going at every opportunity, accompanied by whoops and wails of excitement. At one point there was a conga going round the altar! It was great and I'm glad I went. I shall have to get some lessons organised before I join in the dancing.

The "long road to Bolga" does improve with practice! The washboard effect wasn't nearly as bad this time. Actually, we learned this morning, that the President is coming north again tomorrow to formally start the road surfacing project to tarmac the whole road across the country, a distance of about 200kms. That will make a huge difference to the communication links of North Ghana. I can't imagine I shall see it finished, but who knows.

The Mole Motel lies 6km from Larabunga, the nearest village. We were met off the bus by some helpful young men who claimed to be tour guides and assured us that you can only reach the park by walking or by riding pillion with your luggage on a moto taxi. A quick phone call to the Motel and they sent an SUV out to collect us. Phew!!!

We had 3 full days of relaxation and short Safari trips, one walking and one by SUV. It was lovely. I shall leave you with a taster and write more tomorrow.

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