Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hard work

These women were walking the 5kms home from the market last evening as we were out walking for pleasure. Their bowls were not full but still contained a heavy load of shopping. They laughed so much when I showed them the photos and set off down the road giggling together. They would certainly not get home before dark.

We saw some beautiful trees but the light was not good enough for photos. I was admiring a huge one when the top branches were ruffled and a small voice shouted down "Nansala, how are you?" The child must have been at least 10 metres above the ground. We never actually saw him!!

I spent the morning preparing for tomorrow's JIM Meeting. The Teachers' Resource Centre was thick with the ever present dust when I opened the door. I mentioned this to someone in the office and within 10 minutes I had an army of 14 year olds with makeshift brushes and cloths. I was astounded by their efficiency and teamwork. They dusted every book, de-cobwebbed the walls and ceiling before sweeping a mountain of dust and rubbish across the floor and through the door. They even fetched water and washed the chairs! They never spoke, looked perfectly happy and stayed on task for nearly an hour until the job was done. I thanked them profusely and I think they thought I was bonkers!

The Teachers' Resources Centre.  There are lights inside but no water or toilets!


  1. It is fascinating to read all your adventures! I can't believe what you are up to and you write so well!! All those English lessons we shared hey! Keep up the good work

  2. Love reading the blog - looking forward to the motorcycle diaries!! Love Lynn