Friday, 27 May 2011

Raising the Roof

The roof came off my bedroom last night! The storms are definitely more frequent now with dramatic lightning and thunder for hours and recently, very heavy rain. The roof is sheets of corrugated tin, thin tin too, nailed to narrow beams. The rain is deafening on the tin. As my room is on the end of the house it takes the brunt of most storms.

Last night  the tin sheets tore and peeled back, unbeknown to me, as there is a thin boarded ceiling above me. There I was running about with buckets and bowls to catch increasingly persistent streams of water. Luckily not a drop landed on my bed. Little did I know I was so close to a thorough drenching from the torrent from the sky. I didn't sleep wonderfully well, surprisingly. The bullfrogs began calling to each other at the first raindrop and the goats were all panicking. They lose their kids in the panic and dark and then spend the rest of the night screaming at each other. They all sound the same so matching mums to kids takes hours. The kids sound like human babies so it is hardly conducive to a good night's sleep!!

At 6.30 I heard noises on the roof and on peering through the window, discovered a man on a ladder with a new sheet of tin and a hammer. The landlord had seen it all from his house. The roof was all fixed in 15 minutes but we'll see how long it lasts. It would be good if the other repairs around the place that we have identified could be attended to quite so rapidly.

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  1. Hi Debbie
    can you email me your address and what is your emial address.
    Catching up with your blog, pictures are great.