Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Big Smoke......or Dust!

I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Accra waiting for the Hair Salon to open. It's 7am and we survived the journey from Wa. It was a million times better than the last time I traveled that road up north in February. The omlette sandwich at midnight was welcome too. The bus pulled into the bus station at 5.15am and we walked most of the way here to kill time and wake up........not that we slept, actually. The goats and sheep in the market were silently tethered awaiting their auction later. I would be posting a photo but it was too dark. The streets were heaving with traffic and people setting up their small shops and stalls, sweeping debris that accumulated during the night. Trotros heading in all directions with the driver's side-kick yelling the destination from each one.

On arrival in the centre of the city, we sought tea and managed to acquire 2 cups from a stall after a great deal of explanation  and still we nearly got milk and sugar! Greetings were multiple and very forthcoming from various Rastas gathered in the area. Derrik chatted for ages enlightening us with a range of unlikely stories. I was offered breakfast of plantain and a spicy dipping green leaf sauce by the guy on the other side of me. I declined politely. The local ladies of the night also came around to say hello. They are a friendly bunch in Accra, early morning on the streets.

This is an initiation for me. I'm pretty sure I could now get from Nadowli to the centre of Accra by public transport all on my own. I'm still learning something new every day! Mind you, I'd only need to go slightly astray and Derrik or one of his associates would be sure to put me straight!!

By the way, I've now taken "Michael" (my moto) out for a spin on good and bad roads. He handles wonderfully. I can just tell we have a very positive partnership ahead of us!


  1. Dear Deb, Wow - this is the most effort I have ever heard of to get to a Salon - ha! Bravo! Do hope the Doo is fabulous. Enjoy your return travel. Best, Kathy

  2. Hi Debs, Love the new blog.
    What a lot of effort for a hair cut!! I could send Deryk over with our hair trimmer??? He's very cheap--quite proficient too!! Any chance of a manicure while you were there? Michael looks a solid piece of kit-drive carefully.
    Love Sue & Deryk XX