Sunday, 8 May 2011

Local sightseeing

The house is full of people and I have company for the first time in weeks. It's wonderful! My housemates arrived with Laura's Mum and were brought in style by Francis, a Ghanaian driver who brought them up from the south. I shall be employing Francis in August to take some friends and I around the south of Ghana on holiday.

Whilst Francis and his car were available we needed to make good use of his time. A trip out in a car! Wow, quite a novelty for me. We struggled to find local tourist attractions around Nadowli. However, we were finally drawn to the Mushroom Rocks near Jirapa.
Not many of these enormous, odd looking rocks looked like mushrooms, but then mushrooms come in random shapes anyway. Local children followed the Nansalas around fascinated by the odd white people who take photos of everything. The rocks were in the middle of a rather parched, sandy landscape that seemed to stretch for miles.
On the way back, Francis spotted a stall selling guinea fowl, a delicacy we had promised ourselves we'd taste. Also there were women cooking Sensay with some green leaves of some sort and the obligatory group drinking Pitou.

 Laura's Mum, Anne, needed to taste all these things with photographic evidence. There were photos with the men who decided we would make good wives too. I didn't get a photo of my "husband". Shame. He wasn't a day over 75. Having drained our calabashes of Pitou, we took our leave and headed home to Guinea fowl, kenkey, bush pig and mashed yam, purchased in Jirapa market. There's a nourishing Ghanaian Dinner for you. All washed down with Duty Free Whiskey! Thanks Anne.

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