Tuesday, 10 May 2011


What a week, and it's only Tuesday!

I went to the seamstress yesterday and finally have both a skirt and top in Ghanaian Batik. She has been working on these for almost 2 months. Mind you I paid a princely £2 for her work! In answer to the various queries and concerns, for which I am grateful...........my 6 kilos seem to have fallen off evenly across me, although you probably can't tell from the picture. Also, the bits that show are tanned but you don't expose more than necessary here for a range of reasons. I'm braving a salon in Accra at the weekend as my hair needs a cut and is very dry. The colour will have grown out by Christmas and you won't recognise me.
The next exciting arrival was my moto, that drew up in front of the house an hour ago on a trailer from Bolga. It's new too, only used to train other volunteers. It is a little different from the one I used in Bolga but the same as the one on which I froze to death in Crystal Palace before I came to Ghana.
Needless to say, I shall not be riding it dressed like this. later I shall brave the suffocation of the protective gear and have a ride out to check I have remembered everything I was taught. Disappointingly, for the Year 5/6 boys who took so much interest in my forthcoming motorcycling exploits, it doesn't have flames emblazoned up the fuel tank. However, it does state "Yamaha Brilliant Riding", which is good enough for me!

Sadly, Laura left Nadowli yesterday to begin her journey home to Ireland. She had a bit of a send off from the District Office and was presented with a typical Ghanaian dress. It is lovely, but I've never seen anyone wearing one. She models it here with Patricia who remains here a while longer, thankfully.

Lastly, but by no means least, you can't have failed to notice the new design of this Blog! I can only take credit for some of the ideas and the photo. I have Patricia to thank for everything else. I love it! There is a small prize for the first person to find a translation for the Ghanaian words. Bit of a clue......the symbol is Adinkra.

I shall be in Accra from Friday to Wednesday as I have a few jobs to do there. It will be my first sojourn south since I arrived. Quite an adventure. The Blog may take a holiday, whilst I discover new things with which to furnish it!


  1. Look the new style blog. You are becoming a real whizz kid. You'll have to show me how to do it! The motor looks brilliant and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun dashing around on it. Hope your Year 5 /6 lads get to see the photos. Have a great time in Accra.

  2. I have entered the competition through email so that others may take part!!!
    Love the new look blog and the new look you and the outfit is very flattering. You also look the part on the bike and look very happy with your lot - keep on enjoying and relishing all these experiences.