Sunday, 27 November 2011

Wild Wildlife

A short way out of Kumasi on the Accra road is a turning to a protected piece of virgin rainforest that boasts a wonderful wild collection of butterflies. During our visit to Kumasi we took a trip out to Bobiri Forest and as usual were the only visitors there. It was an idyllic spot and the people very welcoming. The guide took us for a walk through part of the forest to see some fantastic examples of native trees. I just wish I had paid more attention to their names!
This one has sharp thorns on its trunk while it is young and vulnerable. They drop off when it can look after itself.

There were more examples of huge trees with massive “buttress” roots that are used to make furniture amongst other purposes.  

One is called “The 3 sisters” as it has 3 main trunks.
We were also shown a tree that was originally grown for its bark which was taken off in sheets, soaked and hammered out and used as clothing.

On the way back to the beautiful Guest House/Centre we started to see more of the wide variety of butterflies. They were stunning and some very large. Taking photos was tricky, as you can imagine, but I persevered with a long lens and caught a few in focus.

This is a glorious setting and so so peaceful. I would love to stay a while and walk through the extensive area of trees and vegetation. They only have electricity for 3 hours a day which would encourage early nights and getting up with the sun at 5am.

The red sandy lane to get to Bobiri was one of the worst I have experienced in a car. I was amazed we didn’t leave the exhaust system in a huge hole. Another challenging journey for our driver but well worth the effort for us.

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