Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Shifted !

The office will empty next week as most of the officers will be in Tamale. Evidently, every now and then some of them are called for interview. These meetings are not for new jobs but to enable people to progress up the Pay Scale. Pay should increase following a successful interview but this doesn’t always happen.  I remember travelling to Tamale in April. The bus journey for them will begin at 4am queuing for a ticket for the 6am departure from Wa. They should arrive at about 1pm having endured the dusty “washboard” roads for 7 hours. I hope they are all successful. Getting there is challenge enough, but some are preparing for the interviews too. I would be very interested to know how they are conducted and the questions posed.

Gemma and I have been relocated today! It came as a surprise this morning to be informed that we will be working from the Teachers’ Resource Centre instead of the District Offices. I have been saying for a while, but more vocally in the last week, that the District is not making the most of my skills and experience. Clearly, somebody was listening but this wasn’t quite what I had in mind!

Evidently, they think I shall be more accessible to teachers and headteachers in our own centre rather than in a shared cramped office. This is true, except I am supposed to be increasing the capacity of the District Office too. People there are understandably resistant to change. I am wondering whether they are sending me down the road out of their way. They would rather I was supporting schools than making them change from their well trodden ways! Interestingly, this has all happened in the absence of Madam Director!

Anyway, we have the opportunity to spruce up the Teachers’ Centre and get the meagre resources in there out into schools being used by children. There are some enthusiastic new headteachers in the area who are rewarding to work with. This could be fun and lead to more progress than I have experienced up to now. The “small, small, slow, slow” could speed up!

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