Saturday, 5 November 2011

Life's a Beach

KoSa was such a calm place to relax in. This isn’t a particularly busy beach but there was enough life on it to keep me interested whilst I sat with my chilled hibiscus juice just watching. The lizards only appear when it is very warm and dry. Some are quite large and in true Ghanaian colours.  There were plenty that scurried around the outside of the decked, open air restaurant and across the floors, quite unperturbed by human traffic.

Some thatching repairs were being carried out on the resort huts. They had a good store of palm leaves that served that purpose perfectly.
Fishing boats under sail and being paddled, furiously, went out to sea and back in fairly regularly. One spent a long time trying to back up onto the beach just along from the resort between reefs of sharp rocks. The men used ropes to anchor the front whilst the boat spun around. They were jumping off into the sea and then climbing back on. It all looked rather perilous but they clearly knew what they were doing from generations of experience. Finally they were successful. Notice the bonfire in the foreground…….built for Jeny’s Birthday celebration by local boys but not lit while we were there due to rain each evening!!! We hoped somebody enjoyed it after we had left.

There were some wonderful hand hewn fishing boats along the coast all with a religious reference to their name and some very small and manned by one or two. This couple were returning home having “put their family boat to bed”.
I am grateful to the fishermen who must have been successful in their quest as we enjoyed some fantastic fresh grilled red snapper and lobster in the evenings.

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