Monday, 18 July 2011

Sunday Lunch at the Pub

Yesterday found Patricia and I in Jirapa for lunch. We met up with some other volunteers at a very nice "Spot". There is a market every Sunday in Jirapa, unlike everywhere else where markets are every 6 days. (Most people operate their lives in 6 day cycles as market day is so important to them) We passed a lot of people miles away on the road carrying produce and hand made cane chairs on their heads and bicycles.

The beer is very nice here. 80p for a half litre bottle. We discovered that this spot was renowned for it's delicious dog stew. Dog is more expensive than other meats and is considered a treat. However, we settled for goat which we enjoyed barbecued to begin with. After a while we were served half a goat skull each in a spicy soup with rice. I'll try most things once but this is not my most successful venture into Ghanaian cuisine. My half was the lower jaw, very little meat and a variety of indigestible tubes! You'll be glad I didn't photograph it.

The journey home was interesting. We left rather later than we had intended and traveled most of the way in the dark. VSO advise us not to travel in the I know why. I found Michael's lights which are angled straight up into the sky and no help at all. I was amazed how many insects hit my helmet visor constantly along the way. I narrowly missed a dog. There are so many at the moment, I would imagine the going rate for them will tumble! The biggest hazards were the people and unlit bikes all over the road with absolutely no regard for other vehicles using it. Miraculously, we made it home without incident. I shall time my journeys better in future.

My evening craving ............ a large bowl of cornflakes with chilled fresh milk.......fat chance!
It is raining so hard outside the office, and has been for 2 hours that I am wondering whether I shall ever get back to the house. Certainly, I shall be finding an alternative route as my bicycle will not get through the lake in the lane. Wish me luck!

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