Saturday, 9 July 2011

Back on the road again

Michael has been a star over the last week. We have regained our confidence and traveled far and wide. To reach this school, we needed to head through the middle of the market and then on for miles along pleasant grit lanes between healthy looking fields of developing crops. The only people I passed were on their way to the market, some obviously intending to walk the long journey with full bowls of produce on their heads. I understand now, that when the women say there will be tomatoes later, it is taking that long for them to arrive on somebody's head.
You could imagine that these children are unhappy. Admittedly their lives are very poor in almost all ways. However, the taking of photos is a serious business. I wish there was someone to take a photo of their faces when I show them the results on the back of my camera.

I am writing this with the deafening sound of torrential rain on our tin roof in my ears. I almost cannot hear myself think. All the people who farm land here.......and that is everyone....will be delighted. Clearly, my Guardian Angel is doing a sterling job today. I have only just returned from a volunteer's leaving party 50kms away. If I had left 20 mins later I would be riding along drenched and in the dark now. The journey was a challenge anyway as a large section was dirt road with huge potholes. I managed to miss most of them and Michael and I are home safely feeling quite proud of our achievement today.

This storm will bring "lights out" in a minute so I shall end this blog for today.

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