Friday, 22 July 2011

Growth and Change

Strange things are happening around here. Outside the front door it is Autmn and Spring at the same time!  The Accai Apple Tree is shedding its leaves. They go slightly yellow before they fall and have formed a carpet on the ground that is turning brown slowly. Odd really when the ground is at its wettest. This is not happening to all deciduous trees at the moment as far as I can tell. The strange thing is that at the same time new leaves are developing on the ends of each branch.
It may not be clear from the photo but it shows both seasons on one tree. The trees shed leaves according to their own needs, apparently. There is no official Autumn and no Winter. The trees never get to rest, they constantly renew. How exhausting for them!
On the other side of the house the maize is doing wonderfully well. It can only be about 6 weeks since this crop was planted. Another friendly goat is tethered outside my bedroom window. Corn cobs are now appearing in the markets. Small, but providing the promise of something different to eat!
It is interesting how  many things are considered differently here. It is a real compliment to be greeted with "Hey,you are looking fat" or "You have increased" or even "You are fat and fresh"! Losing weight is not a good thing however large you may be. Extra weight is understood as stored energy and always a good thing in times of hardship. I haven't been graced with one of these compliments as I have clearly "reduced". However, nobody is wringing their hands with concern either! Size 12 trousers, I am sporting today.....almost unheard of since my teens!!! Yippee. I feel good on it too!

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  1. How strange re the trees, must be very confusing for them!!! and well done re the size 12's ive got to a size 14 and there i have stayed!! (thanks to Meryl still weighing us on a regular basis to keep me in line!!). Last day at school today, very emotional lots of tears - now for six weeks hols....hope the weather improves as its been a bit like 'April' weather here. Meryl and Debbie two of the originals left today from the preschool too.. so all change there for September. Love reading all your news.

    Debbie C xx