Friday, 3 June 2011


On Wednesday evening, we had a visit from Madam Director and her son. It is one year since the death of her mother so there is a celebration for that occasion. Fred has come home from East Croydon where he works and lives to share this event with his mother and family. We enjoyed some beer in their company at a local Guest House. They had also brought us a gift of TZ and Jojo. As a reminder......TZ is one of the nicer staples of Ghanaian diet. It is (I think) Cassava flour mixed ferociously and appears as a white lump when cooked. You scoop bits off with your right hand and dip it in Jojo, a groundnut soup with spices and green leaves. The soup varies in its level of spice and I like it. The TZ, I am getting used to.

Daily we have visits from local children who appear at the door and call "Sister Patrcia, Sister Adrienne (or even Sister Laura although we have explained that she has left) I want to draw". They obviously have no paper or pencils at home, so, for some time beginning before I arrived, paper and crayons are provided on our veranda. The quality of their drawing is improving and some use pencils too.
They insist on sitting on a mat and all manage to squeeze on it. Some days there are all ages here drawing. When they have finished they are eager to show us their work and proudly carry it off home having tidied up the crayons into the box. These children are very tidy. I imagine as they have very few toys, just some made by hand from old food cans, they are used to caring for them and keeping things tidily. Many homes are one room with very little space for storage.

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