Thursday, 9 June 2011

New beginnings

I promised some people a photo showing my natural hair colour. Sorry all get them! As you can see some colour is left at the front. i quite like it and shall not return to colour on my return home.

Whilst I'm showing photos, here is one of the most beautiful moth perched on a post outside the office, this morning. It is about 10cms across. All sorts of wildlife are appearing with the rains. Birds are more obvious now. We only saw the huge ones until recently, but I can hear them singing in the trees. It is a lot more pleasant than the deafening scream of bullfrogs for most of the night!
Patricia has been running workshops for teachers this week focused on using school libraries. She was telling us that she began by asking the group what they had read that they enjoyed. One man proudly told everyone that he had bought a book a few years ago because it was recommended to him. He realised he could not read it and carried it around for 3 years. Finally, he accepted he needed to learn to read and went along to school. He was taught in the same class as his young son! Eventually, he read the book and was inspired to read more. He is now teaching others.
When I visit schools, it is very difficult to know which stage and level you are watching. Classes that at home would be full of 7 year olds will have mixed ages including a number of teenagers at the back, pleased to be there and learning alongside much younger pupils. There is no stigma, just a desire to discover new skills, at whatever age that need becomes urgent.

I have realised I need to make more effort with learning Dagaare. The headteacher at the KG (Kindergarten) yesterday offered to lend me the first of 7 books which would lead me to virtual fluency! I shall give Book One a go for a start!

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  1. Hi Debbie, just got the details of your blog amazing pictures and insight into your 'new life' Take care and I look forward to following your updates . Carole X