Monday, 20 June 2011

Dirty Oil and Things

There hasn't been a great deal to write about over the past few days. I have been busy dressmaking. I made a skirt on Saturday, all hand sewn, zip, loops to hand it by, the whole works. When it is daylight I shall take a photo and post it. I'm rather proud of the result. So, my O'Level Needlework Failed  in 1971 was not all a waste!

The rain is getting more frequent and heavier but not enough for the farmers' liking. The mosquitoes are happy though. They are smaller than the British variety but more deadly as you will know. They are breeding nicely in the pig's swimming pool but fortunately there is plenty of netting between us. I was telling 3 different people at the office about the poor drainage around our house and each responded with..." well, you need dirty oil". Tomorrow I shall be seeking out the corn grinding house in the village to acquire dirty oil to pour over the surface of the pool. This will prevent the mosquitoes from hatching , apparently. The answer to all our problems!

The animals are being gathered up and tethered. Some more successfully than others. I keep spotting a goat with a long piece of string hanging around it's neck. A vain bid for freedom. Once there are crops growing, stray animals can be shot as they will devastate the farming. A little drastic but this is all taken very seriously. This food feeds local families. They rely on the success of their small farms to survive.

So, tomorrow is the longest day of the year for most of you. It is for us too. The difference is that your day will be about 17 hours and ours will be about 12.5, one hour longer than our shortest day. We are 800kms from the equator so the difference is negligible . Enjoy your long evenings but come January, I shall be gloating!

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  1. so glad that O level needlework paid off I still remember the tablecloth with the white doves!!
    Shortest day here - chilly and damp! its great to read your adventures!