Saturday, 19 January 2013

No change then!

Well, Nadowli hasn’t changed much in 4 weeks. I’m not sure it will change much in 4 years! However, there have been a couple of surprises. All the dead scrub from the harvest has disappeared and the spaces between buildings are parched and wide open. The very dry Harmattan winds make your skin like sandpaper so I shall be getting through some moisturising cocoa butter in the next few weeks.

I cycled to the market this morning for the first time, searching for tomatoes and tins of sardines. It came as rather a shock to turn a bend in the well trodden path to find a partly built house across my way. All these sandy pathways are well worn and well used by motos, bicycles and walkers. We just have to find a new route through someone else’s land. As a “main road” this will be a challenge for us all!

I made a visit to a local school in the afternoon and had a similar experience when I came around the side of a neighbouring house and found another house blocking my way. I am wondering how soon it will be before we cannot get out of the community!

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