Sunday, 27 January 2013

Doris !

I don’t know how I shall leave Doris. She will be one of my saddest farewells. She is known all around here as my “Grandmother” and I am chastised for not giving her prime choices of precious food from my fridge. You will be glad to hear she is hugely pregnant again but I fear I shall miss this birth.

Unless you have met Doris you cannot fully understand the amazing character of this goat. She all but speaks! We certainly have a special bond and whenever I appear at the door I can spot her staring at me from somewhere nearby, often peering around a tree or the side of the house. She just stands and looks me straight in the eye with her head cocked on one side. This is particularly strange because her eye sight is dreadful. If I put scraps on the ground instead of under her nose, it takes a while for her to find them. Meanwhile there is a danger the large clan of noisy chickens has grabbed what they can and run off with it! She is very placid and won’t stand up for herself. If I was to be here any longer I may have started a course of assertiveness training with her!

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