Monday, 3 October 2011

It's all in the name!

Each time Michael takes me to Wa, I mean to pull over and take photos of some of the Spots along the way. On Saturday, I had my camera ready.....
And in the next village......

Which one would you choose?

During our holiday in August we spotted some wonderful & hilarious names. Almost all businesses and some schools, have a religious flavour to their names and some are just wishful thinking. We passed them quickly along the road with no time for photos. However, this list will give you a taste of some of the best :-

Modern Brains Academy 
Pretty Good School of Hope
Best Foundation Happy Kids Prep School

God Can Perform Miracles - Beauty Salon
Arise & Shine Fashions
I'm Saved - Herbal Clinic

All Shall Pass - Moto Repair Shop (A little worrying!)
God Is My Provider - Mobile phone outlet

Then there are the inspirational posters....

No, I'm not making it up!

I don't think he believes me! This is how it feels to be tethered for months without a nice cold beer at God's Help Drinking Spot.

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