Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"Backing and Bundling!"

Firstly, I apologise for the tardiness of my blog posting lately. We have had all sorts of connection problems on line. We have a "dongle" which needs to be fed Cedis for credit with increasing regularity. We have learned to "bundle" credit and get it to last longer. Anyway, I shall be away for the next 2 weeks down south. My friend Jeny is coming to Ghana for half term and to celebrate her "Big Birthday" on the beach. I shall be re-visiting some of the places I went to in August and probably, a few new destinations too. I shall be back Blogging in November.

Whilst waiting to print some documents in the office this week, I was asked if I had ever "backed" a baby. I have been marveling for months how women almost throw small babies behind them and catch them on their backs, wrapping pieces of cloth around their waists and securing these tiny bundles without them slipping off. Then they do everything with the child attached all day. I imagine they forget they are there until they demand feeding which also happens anytime anywhere.

So, I accepted the opportunity to try. I didn't do the throwing round part and obviously missed out the feeding. It was remarkably comfortable and allows you to do anything with both hands. The child was actually laughing throughout the proceedings when it should have been objecting to the rather unnecessary bobble hat. The temperature was nearing 30C. I imagine this could catch on! Maybe it should catch on at home!


  1. ahhh what a lovely picture! You look amazing! Miss you loads xxx