Friday, 14 December 2012


For two months now I, and the few other people in Nadowli who need it, have endured the lack of access to the internet. I didn’t realise how much I would miss it. As I have said before, everyone here “manages” day to day and we don’t worry too much what is happening elsewhere. However, VSO and UK generally, assume I am in constant contact and can respond to requests and enquiries instantly! It is frustrating and there are no signs of improvement. I shall make another dash to Jirapa and hope I can send these last few postings from there before I start my journey home to Tunbridge Wells for Christmas and a host of other celebrations. I had hoped to reach my target of 200 postings in 2 years, but we will see.

I have never been away from my family for a whole year before and cannot wait to see them, including my brother and his family from the US. Following Christmas, New Year, my sister’s wedding and my parents’ 60th Wedding Anniversary, I shall return to Ghana for my final 6 weeks. I don’t know how to prepare myself for the tsunami of emotions that I shall experience over the next 3 months. I suppose I just let it all happen and deal with each day as it comes. As they say here...”I’m managing”. I do know that once I am back in my newly decorated home with all my memory prompts surrounding me on the walls and surfaces, Ghana, Nadowli and a few people here will hold a significant space in my heart forever. My life will never be quite the same again and I shall keep returning to this part of the world as long as I can travel.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS and may 2013 bring all you hope for and a few surprises that allow your life to be enriched in a direction you don’t expect!

Preparations for Christmas here in Nadowli appear to be similar to last year. However, I am more aware, this year, of the concerns that holidays bring to teachers, District Office staff and parents. Following the Carol Service this morning, the Director gave her Christmas message. The main point was to advise girls about not becoming pregnant and for boys to stay clear of “Galamsey”, illegal gold mining!

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  1. i hope you had a lovely christmas..and a Happy New Year to you ...hope to see you sometime when you return.
    Debbie x