Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mishaps with Michael

Michael was feeling a little sluggish last week and I realised it was high time he was serviced and had his oil changed. This was accomplished in about 30 minutes from leaving home and cost me the princely sum of £3…..including the oil!

I delivered a workshop for my group of Nadowli Headteachers the day after term ended. We agreed that a handbook for teachers outlining the expectations heads had of them would be useful, particularly in time for the new school year. As I left home to buy water sachets for the day, I hit a kerb up a slope and Michael tipped over. I was stationary at the time but he is so heavy when his tank is full that I cannot hold his weight. I was none the worse for wear except for a grazed elbow and leg bruise. A little shaken but not stirred. The workshop was successful and I now have the materials ready to type up their requirements into a handy booklet.

On Friday, however, I got caught in the rain and dark. Whilst trying to manoeuvre Michael around some obstacles in wet sand, he slipped and tipped again, but on the other side. This time I was pinned momentarily underneath, fortunately with an audience of friends who pulled me out and put me back together! I returned home immediately before the third mishap could be generated. I am left with impressive bruises, a painful Achilles tendon and a swollen ankle. I have had a Ghanaian “hot massage”, as well as ice, which was excruciating but seemed to help. The colour is building nicely and I’m working my way through a large tube of Arnica, which I discovered fortuitously in my cupboard. I am taking the opportunity to rest it and read a lot as it is rather painful. I think this may take a while but I am confident of a full recovery before my holiday at the end of the month.

 I have learned a few lessons, two being, don’t fill the petrol tank then he will be lighter and beware of wet sand. Oh, incidentally, Michael doesn’t have a scratch on him!

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