Sunday, 24 June 2012

Football successes

The items of sports kit that my nephew, Victor brought to Nadowli were all used enthusiastically by the RC schools in the town this month during the football and athletics competitions. Whether they contributed to the success of the teams cannot be categorically determined. However, the athletes looked the part and competed eagerly against the teams from the other localities. They won all the disciplines except football. Last term they won the football tournament and had yet to be presented with the football trophy that my friend, Jeny brought out at Easter. So, rather confusingly, the school team had a celebration party last Friday for the athletics success of this term and the football from the previous one. 

I was asked to present the trophy and teachers made speeches praising the children and encouraging them to continue with their training. This is an area where everyone is enthusiastic to contribute and support each other. Notwithstanding my recent criticism concerning the neglect shown to the education of the majority of pupils in favour of a chosen few athletes, it was nice to witness all this enthusiasm. After all, success has to start somewhere.

On my way home, I was distracted by some movement further along the track. It was a dung beetle purposefully going about his business! I watched him for some time and it was fascinating. He was moulding a fresh piece of dung into a sphere so that he could set it rolling. This one was wedged against a stone so he could get a purchase on it. He or she was patting uneven parts with its front legs to smooth the surface. Eventually, it pushed away from the stone, travelling backwards and propelling the ball with hind legs until it bowled along gathering dry matter from the path as it went. It looked like an enormous football being dribbled along the track. Eventually, I overtook the busy beetle and continued on my way.

On the subject of wildlife, there is a lizard that has been living in my bedroom window frame for 2 weeks now and shows no sign of moving out. He treats the louvers and security bars like an adventure playground and yesterday took to swinging on the curtain. He is making himself far too at home. It’s not as though I object too much but I could end up with a whole family moving in. I shall not name him as he might take that as encouragement to remain there permanently.

By the way, we haven’t seen Doris and Sooty for 2 weeks due to the tethering requirements at this time of the year. Evidently, they have been transferred to the family’s farm in an undisclosed location and I’m guessing we won’t see them until the end of this wet season! As Gemma leaves in August, she may never see them again. I wonder how Doris is managing without her daily diet of stale bread crusts and banana skins. My mornings are not the same any more. There is something wonderful about being greeted as soon as you open the gate each day. Never mind I shall look forward to their release in about September.

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