Thursday, 26 April 2012

Voodoo Market

I heard before I left Ghana that the Friday Voodoo Market in Togo was worth a visit and so we embarked on a journey to Vogan that I hadn’t anticipated to be so long and uncomfortable. It is a huge general market but has areas devoted to fetishes and articles used in Voodoo celebrations, worship & sacrifices. Voodoo is one of the main religions in Togo.

As expected, the stallholders, most of whom were Traditional Priests, were not happy to pose for photos, but a few CFAs made a difference and we could snap whatever we liked. 

These are dead birds, cleaned and dried.
The round trip took three and a half hours but was worth the dreadful road surfaces and the dust! I am still trying to imagine what they do with all this stuff. I don’t think there is any danger of my conversion to Voodoo practices in the near future but it was all rather fascinating.

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