Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Corn Harvest

It is quite easy to get lost on my way home lately. Nowhere looks familiar, everywhere is overgrown and one tin roof on the horizon looks like any other. As I navigated paths across farms to find the house on my return from visiting some local schools, I came across a whole family harvesting their maize and removing the sheaths from the cobs. They offered me one as a gift so I offered my assistance for a while.
This was the result of half an hour's work and they still had a long way to go!! Notice the repair in the bowl. Things are expected to last a long time.
Some of the maize is for eating off the cob and some will be ground to make flour for TZ and other delights.

The "Drawing Group" have returned after the holidays and seem more enthusiastic after their break. Here are L to R ......Juliet, Portia, Paula and Paulina. The 3 "P's" are sisters and the 2 on the right are twins.
They were very keen to show me some African Dancing which is a series of jerky movements & pelvic thrusts to a strong beat. That may not be obvious from this photo. They were very good at it without any accompanying music!

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