Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hospital Visit

The Nadowli  House and I welcomed visitors over the weekend. A volunteer from Accra carrying out a project on the improvement of Science teaching in schools and my Dutch friends brought their visitors to see a Ghanaian village. Unfortunately, I was ill most of the time. Some bug that ran away with all of me. (Enough information).
When I phoned the Director to explain my absence from work, she offered her driver to take me to the hospital. It isn't far but a way to walk when you are sapped of everything.

It is as well that photos would have been inappropriate. The first 15 minutes were very efficient and speedy. Blood pressure, temperature and weight recording. (I have lost 12 kilos since Feb....2 a month! I think that will be my limit now) After that I sat waiting to see a doctor for 3 hours.......similar to A&E at home I suppose! The down side was the state of the other patients. This is the only place you can get medical attention and advice up here. Clearly, many had come for malaria medication, adults and children. The children looked lethargic with no sign of anyone running about the waiting area. Most of the adults were elderly. The only space on a bench was beside a younger woman in lots of pain accompanied by numerous members of her family. A filthy, bloodied cloth was wrapped around her foot which held enormous attraction for a cloud of flies. The stench was awful. A second Doctor's opinion was sought once she was taken into the surgery and she appeared to be admitted. I imagine she has lost at least that foot by now. Everywhere at the moment there are villagers of all ages, in flip flops or bare feet, hacking at the ground with sharp bladed tools to turn over the soil on their farms. I expect this is a common injury.

After a further 30 minutes, during which, a small child gave me a handful of popcorn every few minutes and fortunately, then wanted it back. (Imagine feeling the need to eat it, gratefully!) I was dispatched with anti-biotics, painkillers and rehydration salts. They are beginning to take effect, thankfully, so I should be fit and revived to begin my travels on Friday.
I would like to have finished with a cheerful posting before I leave this blog for a month, but that is life in Ghana for you. If I have a few moments near an internet cafe I shall offer a holiday posting or two. Otherwise........watch this space at the beginning of September when I return with traveler's tales from Kumasi. Accra, Volta Region, Cape Coast, Elmina and other exciting destinations. I am planning to exhaust both cameras and find a lot of food, available in the south, that I like rather than "make-do-with". If you are traveling, have good journeys, good health and good fun.

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  1. hi, sorry to hear that you have been poorly, hope you are now feeling a lot better.

    hope you have a good holiday.......look forward to photos and blog when you get back
    love Debbie C xx